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Why do fat people find it so hard to call fat phobia’s bleak irrationale?

One of the things that is really telling about the continued impact of fat phobia on fat people’s minds is the overall inability to just see that many fat phobes are no longer in control of themselves.

That their attitudes and reactions to fat people are controlled by base urges they’re ashamed of. They turn obvious truth into “debate” to try and hide behind mangled/pseudo-science. They know they’re wrong.

Fat people continue to impose a logic on fat phobes that they simply do not have.

Their so called beliefs are like more like neurotypical-stims, mantras that help to keep their consciences quiet and them grounded in their false reality. Whilst they pursue a course they’re too ashamed to state out loud. 

Consider how many times you questioned whether fat people could be as illogical as we have been told. Um-hum. If we’d questioned that along the way, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.

So, fat people, women especially, liberate your minds from the need to impose a logic fat phobes simply don’t have. And stop feeling guilty about the state they’re in.

You have no duty to make them look better than they are because you can’t stand to see them like that.

Its on them. It’s their choice.

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Anonymous said: Most "privilege", such as that based on gender or race, is dependent on how you are born. They are, for the most part, unchangeable. However, "thin privilege" is almost always the result of personal choices regarding diet and exercise. If you hate not having thin privilege, why don't you change yourself, lose weight, and get thin privilege?


You haven’t been paying attention. The answer to this is everywhere on my blog and lots of other blogs on Tumblr and I’m not writing it all out for you again.

So do your own fucking searching for answers to ridiculously bigoted questions. And while you’re at it, I got you this bowl of M&Ms.

Go ahead. Have some.

When will racists stop pretending the innate nature of race stopped racism? It still hasn’t stopped it to this day, because racism depends not just on the definition of Black people, it depends on White people’s definition of themselves. Until that changes, racism can only unravel so far, often in a strained and unnatural manner.

But you wouldn’t know any more about that, than you know about racism, or privilege anonymaus.

Truth is thin privilege, or the slim halo etc., is about using fat people to define slim people in a certain false way-i.e. the only valid human form. That dehumanizes slim people as much as it does fat people, just in a positive, rather than negative way. And many slimz are pathetically in self esteem for that to seem like a really good deal, which is sad.

This means they must have to be exempted from the untenable inhuman standard they’ve set. Hence, they have to privilege themselves. My body will not allow me to become anorexic, its just not one of my susceptibilities.

Even so, I’ve no desire for slim privilege whatsoever. It’s ugly and stupid and I hate what it has done to slim people. It’s undoubtedly reduced their dignity, their intelligence and in too many cases their integrity.

I tell slim people the same as fat, don’t sign up for that, sign up for reclaiming your birthright, self esteem based on existence, humanity based on your humanness, not on slimness or any body size, that is always a loss.

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I’m fed up with hearing “only fat people say that”

Not that fat people have to validate what we say through others as if we aren’t as capable of perception as anyone else. However, a lot of what we say is either so taken for granted for others that it sounds weird to point it out.

i.e. that if you are experiencing something I’m not, I’d expect you to know more about that in terms of experience, than me, even if my distance from that could provide any insight.

A lot of what fat people say may sound strange to those who are out of touch with fat people’s experiences, but it isn’t always unique to us.

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i really don’t like the post that says “you are not fat, you just have fat.” i mean yes i have fat, but there is nothing wrong with being fat. why is being fat not allowed, but “we can have fat”?


It might be because “have fat” distances you from your fatness in keeping with definitions such as “overweight” and ‘obese’. Could be wrong though.

It’s one of those answers that are tough to get. Uncovering the real motivation defeats the purpose behind this kind of thing.

No duty

Note when people say things like “Fat people have no duty to be healthy” that’s because fat people tend to be consistently left out of norms.

It’s nobodies duty to be healthy-that is to represent healthist ideas at all times and/or to put health above what’s convenient, doable (for them or in general), bearable, sustainable and so forth.

Whether its people taking pills in place of using their mind to try and achieve a change in mental and/or physical function-something that’s usually deemed onerous, offering low returns to the point of cruel.

Few would say release the tension to someone with a tummy or head ache if it was bothering them. Though pain pills have a small risk. So probably does being distracted by pain. Point is, rarely do people pretend that’s a major issue.

We only tend to pretend otherwise when it comes to fat people. Fat is where everyone comes to assert platitudes like “Just stop” (eating), “Its all very simple” [cals in/out]

People need to hear this, it regresses to the comforting, simple truths of the kindergarten. Before we have to grow up and face the complexities of in soluble problems. Before we realise we can’t just have what we want by asserting our will.

No one considers what fat people might think about that. The load is just dumped on us without care.

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patricideisforwinners said: Well, guys. Apparently I've been screen-capped and put on reddit under r/fatlogic. Unsurprisingly, this has led to attacks on my tumblr. I've only posted two. Any advice?


I’m so sorry this is happening to you. People don’t understand the difference between bringing their body hate into work (which was what you described in your post) and “loving your body.” They don’t respect that some fat people can be triggered by the same kinds of behaviors some thin people are — weighing, commenting about weight and food, etc. The culture is being taught that those behaviors are not only laudable, they show status, and so even though there’s absolutely no reason to be talking about weight loss (and especially weighing yourself!) in a work environment that isn’t a diet company, thin-obsession has been brought to the level of people who brag about their kids. Not the same thing.

This has nothing to do with bodily autonomy. Thinness and the pursuit of thinness cannot be divorced from our culture of fat oppression. The vast majority of people who diet do it because thinness conveys status (evidenced by survey answers to the effect of they’re dieting because they want to wear smaller jeans, or a bikini this summer, etc). Thinness conveys higher status if only if being fat conveys lesser status. 

Your coworker’s dieting is about her bodily autonomy, but her performance of dieting for all to see — at work, no less — is about status, which she receives only at the expense of the status lost by fat people simple by existing in a fatphobic culture. 
Finally, your coworker’s dieting certainly has nothing to do with feminism. Choices, and especially public performance of those choices, are not committed in a vacuum. The en-smallening of female bodies has everything to do with sexism and patriarchy. Keeping women at least partially focused on making themselves smaller is a key component to distracting them from engaging in activities that might threaten the patriarchical power structure. So the idea that you have to unblinkingly accept someone’s loud diet performance in your place of work, and that you’re not even allowed to feel discomfort about it, has everything to do with the patriarchy policing itself and turning feminism into a weapon against actual feminism
I’m really sorry you’re getting this shit. You don’t deserve it. 

Fat + logic = Excellence

I have love fat logic myself. I’d define it as endeavouring to adapt to the truth, no matter how undesirable it is to you, no matter the cost. It’s brave and its costly, but its still worth it and better than mainstream mal-logic any day.

When fat people were told “You are greedy and lazy” that was upsetting and we felt really bad about it as any one would. But instead of boo hooing and claiming we had an ‘illness’ we can’t help it, we just got on with trying to deal with that the way we were told by the experts.

It is what they told us that was wrong and even though many of us had committed years of our lives to becoming slim. We had to give that up-whether we were ready or not, because we realized that was the reality.

On the other hand, mainstream and authority mal-logic is if they don’t like reality, they change it for their own delusional version. One more acceptable to their many vanities. Including accusing fat people of being them!

Now we see calorie restriction is not viable lifestyle or weight management strategy, instead of dealing with that, because they don’t like it, they think that matters worth a damn and start kicking off.  Pathetic. Trying to change eating into “addiction” food into drugs and all sorts of weird imaginings like that. They think more bullying, more abuse, more repression of fact is the answer, all because reality has to be what they want it to be, not what it is.

So if you’ve been told you have fat logic, be proud and take it as the complete compliment it is, fat logic rules. Mainstream mal-logic is nothing.

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A diet is a cure that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist.

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Never better said.